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Sorghum (Jowar)

Buy Jowar, the millet rich in protein iron and copper, this gluten free grain has been known to play a crucial role in cellular function and repair. The rich quantity of potassium and phosphorous helps lower cholesterol and manage high blood pressure. Most importantly, the grain is incredibly rich in fibre and hence should be part of your daily diet.

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Jowar is the third important food crop of the country after rice and wheat both in terms of area and production. It is an indigenous plant of Africa. The plant has a tendency to be grown in adverse climatic conditions. Its grains are rich in carbohydrate, pro­tein, minerals and vitamin and hence provide cheap food to a large section of the poor population. It is also used as fodder crop in many parts of the country.

In the initial years, this millet was used as animal feeds. However, soon jowar’s exceptional health benefits came to light post which it featured in the human plate too. Jowar could easily replace staple grains such as rice and wheat making for a gluten-free alternative.

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