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Sarkara upperi or Sarkara Varatti


Kerala traditional sweet Sharkara Varatti is enriched with the traditional and spicy flavors of ginger, cardamom and cumin powder, along with the sautéing in coconut oil.

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Sarkara upperi or Sarkara Varatti or Banana chips coated with jaggery is a traditional sweet dish popular among the Keralites. It is also known by the name ‘Sarkara Upperi’. It’s extensively prepared during Onam festival season and used as a side dish in sadyas. Chopped banana pieces and jaggery are the essential ingredients in making this snack. Good quality raw bananas are used for making Sarkara Upperi. The use of jaggery imparts a sweet taste and a dark brown colour. The inclusion of dried ginger and cardamom provides a traditional taste and a light spicy flavour. Also, coconut oil enhances the taste.



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500g, 1kg

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