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Homemade Rice Flour


A gluten-free flour made from finely milled rice, directly from Kerala. Can be used to make traditional breakfast items.

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Rice Flour is a gluten-free flour, also know as rice powder, is made from finely milled rice. It can be found in both white rice and brown rice forms, and it’s a staple food in Southeast Asia, Japan and southern India.

Rice flour is a great substitute for wheat flour, since most wheat flour contains gluten — a protein that can irritate the digestive system or worse for anyone who is gluten intolerant. Rice flour is a popular thickening agent because it has the ability to prevent liquid separation.

Rice Flour Benefits

  1. High in beneficial fiber
  2. Gluten-free
  3. May enhance liver function

Rice flour has a presence in South Indian cuisine too. Some of the examples include Dosa, Puttu, Golibaje (Mangalore bajji) and Kori Rotti. It is also mixed with wheat, millet, other cereal flours, and sometimes dried fruits or vegetables to make Manni, a kind of baby food.

It is a regular ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine, Bengali cuisine and Assamese cuisine. It is used in making roti and desserts such as sandesh and pitha (Rice cakes or pancakes which are sometimes steamed, deep fried or pan fried and served along with grated coconut, sesame seeds, jaggery and chashni). It is also used in making Kheer (a common South Asian dessert).



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