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Homemade Jackfruit Papad (Chakka pappadam )

Homemade chakka pappadam from Kerala. Deep fry with Coconut Oil to make a very tasty tea time snack.

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PAPAD is a crispy thin flat bread or cracker eaten in different parts of India, but is called by different names like pappadam in Kerala, papad in North India, happala in Karnataka, appalam in Tamil Nadu and Papor in West Bengal.

Jackfruit Papad (Chakka pappadam ) is made from raw Jackfruit flesh.

Jackfruit Papad (Chakka pappadam )-Method of preparation

Cook Jackfruit flesh without adding water.

Grind  cooked jackfruit flesh, add slt to taste.

Add cumin seeds and mix it well.

Make small balls any td spread like small pappads and allow it to dry in the sun.


Deep fry with  Coconut oil  to make tasty tea time snack.

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