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 Ragi common names in Indian languages

Ragi Common Names in Indian Languages

Here is a list of ragi common names in Indian languages.

Botanical Name: Eleusine Coracana
English: Finger Millet
Assamese: Maruba Dhan
Bengali: Madua
Bhojpuri: Marua
Gujarati: Bhav
Hindi: Madua
Kannada: Ragi
Kashmiri: Ragi/Marua
Konkani: Naanchani/Nasne/Nachne
Malayalam: Ragi/Moothari
Marathi: Nachni
Oriya: Mandia
Punjabi: Mandal/Mandhul/Mundal
Sanskrit: Madhulika/Mattakam/Nrityakundala
Tamil: Kezhvaragu/Keppai
Telgu: Ragi/Ragulu/Tamidalu
Urdu: Ragi
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