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Hyderabad is famous for its Hyderabadi irani tea or Irani cafes  that are scattered all around the city and mainly in the old city. People sipping hot, milky Irani Chai, munching on crispy, crunchy tea biscuits and gossiping with friends is a very common site at these cafes. Drinking a cup of Chai and snacking on a tea biscuits is one of the most fun experience in Hyderabad.


Add tea and sugar to 1 cup of water and bring to a slow simmer. Simmer this mixture for 10~15 minutes. Add milk to the tea decoction and let the mixture come to a slow boil. Simmer until the milk thickens a little bit. Strain into individual glasses and serve piping hot.

hyderabadi irani tea

Enjoyee your Hyderbadi irani tea 🙂

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