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Mango is known as the king of fruits throughout the world.Having originated in East India, the Andaman Islands, and Burma, mangoes are popular across the world today. It is believed that way back in the 5th century BC, Buddhist monks introduced the fruit to Malaysia and Eastern Asia.India is the leading producer of mangoes. But it has very little export as most of the produce is consumed within the country.

mango tree
You can tell if a mango is ripe or not by squeezing it or by smelling or seeing the colour. Ripe mangoes give slightly with a gentle squeeze or will have pleasant fragrance or yellowish colour.The right way to slice a mango is to find the eye (the seed runs directly behind it) and the cheeks. Simply place a mango on the cutting board, such that it is looking up at you. Make a cut off center about half an inch. Turn the mango around and cut the other side. Now you have the two cheeks. Take one cheek and cut through the flesh, making parallel spears. Repeat with the other mango.Mango trees can grow very tall, some as much as 100 feet. And more interestingly, mango trees can bear fruit for up to 300 years.

dry raw mango
There are about 400 varieties of mangoes in the world today.Raw mango or powdered raw mango is used in fish curry(very famous in Kerala) or in Sambars(Udupi style mango curry). Mango is used by vegetarian or non-vegetarian people to add aroma and taste to curries.In olden days tender mango stems are used as tooth brush(still some people uses).Mango seeds and tender leafs has got very good medicinal values.

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