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Let’s have a look into the health benefits of eating cashew nuts, nuts that are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are required for the normal functioning of the body. Portuguese brought them to India in the 16th century. The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have many health benefits, a few of which are presented below:

Health Benefits of  Eating  Cashew Nuts:

Eating Cashew Nuts Prevents Cancer

Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonols which fight against tumor cells by stopping them to divide further. These proanthocyanidins and high copper content in cashew nuts help fight against cancerous cells and keeps you away from colon cancer. This is one of the major cashew nut benefits.

Healthy Heart and Lowers High Blood Pressure

Cashews contain low fat content when compared to other nuts and that too in the oleic acid form which is very healthy for heart. They are cholesterol free and the antioxidants present keeps you away from heart diseases. Lower your blood pressure with the help of magnesium present in them.

Helps Hair

Copper is the mineral which helps your hair get that color. So if you take cashews which are full of copper content, you can get the black hair back with the help of copper content in cashew nuts

Boost Bones, Oral Health and Eye Health

Like calcium, magnesium is also important for bone health and oral health which is the main content in cashew nuts, it contains zea-xanthin that gets absorbed to your eyes (retinal macula lutea) together with secures from the UV rays, thereby preventing from the age-associated macular degeneration in the time of old age.

Healthy Nerves

Magnesium is stored on the bones surface which prevents calcium from entering the nerve cells and thus keeps the blood vessels and muscles relaxed. Insufficient amount of magnesium can lead calcium to enter the blood vessels leading them to contract. It also leads to high blood pressure, migraine headache etc.

Prevents Gallstones

Daily intake of cashewnut can reduce the risk of developing gallstones up to 25%.

Helps in Weight Loss and Helps Digestion

Even though cashew nuts are considered as fats, it contains good cholesterol. So contrary to popular belief, those who eat cashews at least twice a week gain less weight when compared to those who eat less. It can help in growth and development, nucleic acid synthesis and digestion. After menopause, cashew nuts can give you relaxed and pleasant sleep during nights.

Anti-oxidants and High on Vitamins

Selenium, copper, magnesium etc. act as co-factors for many enzymes. Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, niacin etc. These vitamins keep you safe from sideroblastic anemia, pellagra, etc.

Reduce Risk of Anemia

Cashews are a source of dietary, iron which is vital for carrying oxygen around the body and aids in the functioning of enzymes and the immune system. A deficiency of iron in the diet can lead to body fatigue, anemia, and an increased susceptibility to infections.
Now that you know the health benefits of eating Cashew nuts, ensure that you include cashew nuts in your diet.
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