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Different millets in Indian languages
Finger Millet

Grains are classified as Positive, Neutral and Negative. And the Millet range of grains constitute as Positive and Neutral grains. Among the Positive Millet Grains, which have dietary fibre from 8 % to 12.5 % are Foxtail (Navane), Barnyard (Oodalu), Araka (Kodo), Little (Samai) and Brown Top (Korale). Whereas Pearl (Sajje), Finger (Ragi), Proso (Baragu), Great Millet (White Jowar) and Corn classified as neutral grains, having a little lesser fibre and other nutrients. The millet foods are considered as miracle grains, that’s why we call them “Siri Dhanya” millets.

Different millets in Indian languages

Positive Millets

English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil
Barnyard Millet Sanwa Oodhalu Udhalu Kuthiraivally
Kodo Millet Kodon Araka Arikelu Varagu
Little Millet Kutki Samai Samulu Samai
Foxtail Millet Kakum Navane Korra Tenai
Brown Top Millet Korale

Neutral Millets

English Hindi Kannada Telugu Tamil
Finger Millet Nachani Ragi Ragula Kezhvaragu
Proso Millet Chena Baragu Variga Pani Varagu
Pearl Millet Bajra Sajje Sajja Kanbu
Sorghum (Great Millet) Jowar Bili jola Jonna Jolam

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