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Benefits of Panikoorka
Panikoorka is an Ayurvedic herb, is a common sight in most homes in the India, especially Southern states, the main benefits of Panikoorka is, cures common cold, cough and fever in babies and adults. It is a natural anti-pyretic and is most effective in children.
The botanical name of Panikoorka is Plectranthus amboinicus. Leaves of panikoorka is squeezed and the juice is taken. A teaspoonful of Panikoorka juice when given to babies would cure their cough, cold, fever, sore throat, nasal congestion and chest congestion. Panikoorka is a natural expectorant for children. Panikoorka is very effective for cough and chest congestion . Boil the leaves of panikoorka for 5 mins in 1 cup of water. When cool feed 2 tspn of this decoction to children for curing their cough, and bronchitis. Panikoorka is used as a natural and instant First aid support . Applying the extract of panikoorka leaves on the area relieves itching, infection, insect bites and wounds . It is also used in the treatment of skin disorders, dandruff and different types of allergies. Panikoorka helps improve lactation in nursing mothers. The health benefits will be transferred to the child through milk. Panikoorka will cure stomach pains, problem of worms , you can give Panikoorka leaves extract mixed with sugar three times a day.For relieving cough take a mix of panikoorka leaves extract, honey and lemon juice two times a day.Inhaling vapors with panikoorka leaves extract would cure cold and fever. Panikoorka can be consumed in different ways to minimize the bitter taste and strong odor.The juice is extracted from leaves by placing them on a hot tava. The leaves will become transparent when hot. Remove from the tava and squeeze them with your fingers. In case of grown up you can directly squeeze the washed leaves with your fingers to collect juice. Even you can add Panikoorka chutney as part of your daily diet.

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