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4 Cut Banana Chips (Upperi)


4 Cut Banana Chips made from the Nendran variety of Bananas available only in Kerala. These banana chips are crisp, thick and the coconut oil used to fry them gives it that characteristic taste.

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4 Cut Banana Chips is Kerala’s traditional and iconic Banana Chips (also called as Upperi) to  with the same mesmerising taste and flavours, cut into 4 pieces for a wholesome munching experience. Altom Foods has mastered the art of making these 4 cut Banana Chips and that’s why, people love to munch on these delicious chips all the time.

Apart from being a snack, banana chips are also served during special occasions like Marriage. This version of the Banana Chips is thick and crispy in nature.

We provide you freshly prepared banana chips which you can consume and get the flavor of Kerala right at your doorsteps. No matter which part of the country you reside. We, at Spicespoint use 100% original Coconut oil. Be it an  occasion  of Marriage or Onam or any other event, we deliver the freshly prepared and  hygienic sweet banana chips right at your place.



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